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Why is a Power of Attorney Important for College Students?

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Heading off to college is an exciting time. It’s a new phase in life. Students tour colleges, maybe check out the dorms, or join a sorority or fraternity. Students suddenly gain a lot of new freedoms and independence. Mom and dad are not making the decisions any longer since most college students are legally adults and in charge of making their own decisions. So what if an emergency happens in college? Say a car accident, alcohol poisoning, or other illness and the young adult is not able to make decisions? Hospitals cannot release information to just anyone due to HIPAA laws and a person must have legal standing to make health care decisions for another adult. There is a solution, W M LAW offers a college student package which includes a health care power of attorney for the young adult, a financial power of attorney, and a HIPAA waiver. These documents can prevent serious complications in the event of an emergency. And you can assure your college student that he or she isn’t giving up any rights by creating these powers of attorney.

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