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Why Do College-Bound Kids Need a Power-of-Attorney in Place?

Why Do College-Bound Kids Need a Power-of-Attorney in Place

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By Ana Ballesteros, W M Law Paralegal

As parents race around the next few weeks to buy their college-bound children dorm items, clothing, supplies and teach them last-minute life lessons, there is one more item they should add to their to-do list:  put in place a power of attorney.

Why would a college-bound child need a power of attorney? First of all, these college-bound students are now 18 years of age or older and legally we parents may not be able to protect them quickly in dire moments if we do not plan ahead.  When they were kids and something would happen, we would come to their rescue and were legally able to do so because we were their guardians. Once that child turns 18, parents cannot even access their college grades or health records without permission from the adult child.

Parents do not want their minds to wander to the “unthinkable” but what if their child is in an accident, or experiences a medical condition while away and is unable to make decisions or speak for themselves? Who will communicate their wishes? What if decisions need to be made quickly?  These situations do occur and in some cases require drawn-out legal procedures.

So, how can parents protect their “adult” children?  W M Law has assembled a “College-Bound Legal Package” with the purpose of granting a parent legal authority to act on their child’s behalf should they become incapacitated while attending school.  The package consists of:

  • HIPAA Waiver of Authorization –allows doctors to speak with parents
  • Health Care Power of Attorney –allows parents to make medical decisions for their child
  • Financial Power of Attorney – allows parents to make financial decisions for their child

Having this package on file will aid in the student’s peace of mind and will ease the parent’s stress.  If you wish to learn more about assigning a power of attorney to your college-bound child or any adult family member please contact us for a complimentary consultation at:  913-422-0909.