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What to do with your important information: Estate Planning

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I encourage all of my estate planning clients to create a document containing important information – where you have bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, the contact information for your investment advisor, insurance information, and other things that anyone handling your finances should know. One of the most difficult things in managing the financial affairs of someone as a power of attorney or an executor of an estate is knowing exactly what you are dealing with.  Notes with an email account username and password can literally save dozens of hours of work because many people get notices from banks and insurance companies via email.

I encourage my clients to let the key people they’ve named in their estate plan know where to find this document so that when the time comes, those key people have a head start on managing their finances.

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Other than creating an estate plan in the first place, having a document with this key information is the most important thing you can do. And be sure to keep it updated! For more information about Estate Planning, visit our website at Or you can call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys. At WM Law, we are here to help.