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Estate Planning Packages

At WM Law we understand that many of our clients are hesitant to even call a lawyer because of the uncertainty surrounding the expense associated with a lawyer’s services. That is why WM Law charges a flat fee for most of our services. By using a flat fee, we can eliminate the questions of “You are going to charge me how much per hour and I have no idea how many hours it is going to take”. With your WM Law estate planning service, you know how much it is going to cost before you ever leave our office, and because you don’t have to worry about how many hours your service is going to take you can be sure that we are here to take care of you, not to take advantage of you.

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Benefits of Estate Planning

Ensures you choose who will be appointed as guardians for your children if the need arises.
Ensures someone you know and trust will make your health care decisions if you are unable to yourself.
Makes sure the life you have worked so hard for is respected and honored in the way you wish.
Ensures you make your own decisions regarding health care.
Protects your financial life if you are unable to make those decisions.
Lets you control all of the important questions of the legacy you create.

our pricing table

3 Affordable Estate Planning Packages

Real Estate Deeds are done at $150 each, includes notary. Additional $100 plus filing fee to file.
Other trust funding work is done at hourly rate of $300 for attorney and $125 for paralegal.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3