Addam has always enjoyed a challenge. From the age of four, that challenge often took the form of playing sports, especially soccer. He has played soccer for over 30 years including in high school and college. He learned many life lessons from playing a team sport and being part of a team.

Those lessons carried over into his personal life where he is now a husband, father, and foster parent. As if being a parent isn’t enough, Addam and his wife are licensed foster care placement providers. Being a parent and foster parent brought with it a whole different set of challenges. Often the lessons learned from his soccer days help him, but sometimes new things are learned through trial and error.

Addam has taken the lessons learned from the different challenges in his life into his practice of law. He sees each and every client as a different challenge in determining what is best solution for that client. Sometimes the answer is obvious, and sometimes not, but the different challenges that come with each client are why Addam enjoys his work.