Are You Ready to Travel?  Really?!

It’s summer time and that means summer vacation time!  Yahoo!  So, let’s pack up the suitcases and the kids and the car and head out.  If you’re like me, in the weeks prior to a vacation, you make a checklist of all of the stuff that’s got to get done before you can leave:  have the mail held at the post office, stop the newspaper delivery, arrange for someone to mow the lawn, arrange for a friend to stop by your house and check on it every couple of days, turn up the thermostat, etc.  So, you spend a lot of time planning and organizing and getting all of your ducks in a row so that you can go on vacation and enjoy leaving your normal worries behind.  Right?  But, are you truly prepared?  Although we hate to think about it, accidents do happen on vacation.  If you are traveling with your spouse, an accident could end up leaving your children without both parents.  We don’t want to think about it, but it happens every day, multiple times around the United States.
In 2016, there were 40,200 traffic deaths in the United States.  In addition to being safety conscious this vacation […]

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